• 09.12

    Edicy featured in Der Spiegel

    Paavel Liik / Comments (1)

    Looking for the source, most of the fresh signups came from all around German speaking Europe. It turns out that Der Spiegel has written a favorable article about Edicy (in German). One of the most read weekly magazines in Europe, it does flatter us a lot. Thank you, Spiegel! Read more
  • 09.12

    Edit websites on iPad

    Paavel Liik / Write first comment

    With today's iPad software update (iOS 5) comes great improvement that is mostly left unmentioned — support for inline text editing on the web. So far, Edicy users could not do much with their iPads or iPhones. But the wait is over, we've been testing Edicy on iOS beta for awhile now and it works fine. Just to confirm you, this article was written on one of these. Read more

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